I am working on remaking as I mentioned before.  So far I only have one horse completed, two about half-way through and plans for about 15 others.  I obviously have my job cut out for me.  I do enjoy it though I haven't had the time I would have liked.  To see each horse's gallery, click on it's photo (or highlighted name).

This is Ace of Spades, my first real remake.  I'm very proud of him and he recently brought home Champion Stock Breed at the Northwest Breyer Round-up.

The following galleries have photos with more to come.  Updated Jan 22, 1999.

Finished Customs

Ace of Spades  Lady Phase to a Black and White Tobiano Paint Stallion

Customs in the Works

Georgia Premiere Classic Kelso To WP Arab Filly

A Nickel Change Traditional Pacer to a cutting mare.

Original Sculpture of a loping/cantering stock horse

Breyer Suckling foal into a cute little baby looking at something on the ground.

Breyer Traditional Jumping horse to a Hunter.

Breyer SHM into a WP horse jogging

Breyer Trad. Black Stallion into a cantering arab

Semi Rearing Mustang into a DYNAMITE bucking horse Can't wait to finish this boy!

Breyer SM Native Dancer into a Hunter Type Paint mare (w/ braids)

Another one that is a secret because it is a present for someone who may stumble across this page!

Clydesdale mare and foal.  Mare trotting and foal cantering to catch up (Thanks Carly!)

Indian Pony into a loping horse.  Should be a dynamite performer!

Weird make model (Heartland Arab?) to a Pegasus

Any ideas for something other than I have here??  I'm always open to ideas and I'm ALWAYS looking for bodies!